Well, let's see...guess you're gonna want some background info huh? We're from Atlanta: you know, the city that remains in the top-5 cities for violent & non-violent crime according to the FBI- a tradition we are proud to be a part of. Made up of four (or five...depends on the week) members (with members), we don't do soft shit and we don't make music for you to get laid to.

Wanna' know more?! Alright, we've been fucked more than ol' Sweetmeat on cell block C and have been gone over as many times as your sister in the varsity team's locker room; we know, we were there. We've had more shows cancelled than we've played. Our first guitarist quit to do the 12-step with the NA cult and is now serving 20-life down in Texas somewhere, our second joined the doughnut suckers in Dekalb County- and the next, ole Mad Mike Piss the Butcher went back to wooing the ladies in his crust band Otophobia and now with Endless Nightmare and Dead Meat up in Philly...and our resident Pimp, aka "Jay the Pimp" moved out to the left coast to persue his "acting" career. Big-E came back and did some time with us after his trek to the midwest, but has since moved on to play in a few other great Atlanta bands.

So, with all of the EX member intros you probably want to know who's actuall IN the band now don't ya? Well, after having the revolving door of guitar players nailed shut we decided to recruit some young blood to add a little energy up front and to perhaps bring some girls to the shows. While driving past the local university we spied an Elvis looking lad toting a guitar down Decatur St. and realized it was none other than Atlanta punk hero and Mike Ness lookalike Matt Matson from Atlanta's own Death of Kings! Well, having a European tour coming up we asked Matt if he could take some time out of the rigid college and work schedule to come with us to rock out Europe and what-d'ya know, he said yes! So, after a five week European tour Matt is now a permanent fixture in The Despised and since then has made it through a total of 2 Japanese tours and 3 Euro tours so he's here to stay! So ladies, take note: there is now a strapping young lad (emphasis on young!) over on the right side of the stage from where you're standing, waiting to sweep you off your feet!

For all you baseheads, our original bass player left in search of Jerry's ashes and has been replaced with a big, fat fucker from TIMEBOMB 77. Mean and crusty- he's the old(er) man of the group. He left for a few years to start up one of the country's heaviest grindcore bands, Otophobia, and when that went south did some time in Atlanta's Bloody Sods, but has now come back home to fill out the low-end growl of The Despised. Of course he croons for the ladies on many of the tracks and you can listen for the bellowing of Punk Rock Dave on our last 7" as well as anything we've recorded this decade.

Our drummer has been on tour since he was in diapers, literally!! Shayne's old man is one of the original sound guys for Lynyrd Skynyrd. (How's that for Old School?) Deaf as the day is long, Shayne plays with a sense of timing you fuckers wish you could get your girlfriend to learn for when Mom and Dad ain't home- don't worry, Insane Shayne told me he's gonna' teach her! This "Swiss Army Drummer" is the all-purpose band-roady, driver, song-writer, web-bastard who keeps the band rolling along. He left in 2000 to tour Europe with Atlanta's Bloody Sods but has also returned to destroy Atlanta and the rest of the world with The Despised.

Last, and very least...a man with no musical talent whatsoever. 3'6" and bald as a baby's ass- RotKnee handles the front man position. Think you could do better?? Think again! This guy is without a doubt the LOUDEST motherfucker on the planet and has several PA "kills" to his credit. Do YOU know anyone else who yells so loud he had to have the VA reinforce his sack with Kevlar?! I didn't think so!

We've played with everyone in Atlanta- From Bad Brains to the Antiheros to Battalion of Saints to Submachine to Gang Green to The Business to the Subhumans to the Meatmen.  We're guaranteed to send all the sensitive, pop-punk-mommas-boys running from the room.  Voted "most likely to incite a riot" it stands to reason that we don't apologize for shit.

Interested in having The Despised crash your next party? Contact Shayne.

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