You may know him as Punk Rock Dave, New Wave Dave, Old Surly Bastard or just plain PRD... He's the backbone of The Despised and has been with the band since the late 90's. Hailing from Timebomb 77 he's got a reputation for playing hard and fast. He's one of the founding members of the legendary Grindcore band Otophobia and did a stint as a vocalist in Bloody Sods for a while. Beware, he's got a black belt in crowd harrassment and sarcasm so choose your words wisely or he'll cram 'em right back down your throat!

Position in band - Bass Player/Vocalist

Hometown - Atlanta, GA
Age - 41
Tattoos - More ink than a small book!
Work - Slings a mean pizza
Bar Tab credit line - HIGH
Musical Talents - Has been playing bass for a couple decades
Gear - BC Rich Guitars, Ampeg Cabinets, Boogie Amplification, Big Muff Pedals (Russian of course...)
Endorsements - None, but Converse or Vans really should hook this guy up! Or gear....a couple more Ampeg cabinets and another Mesa Boogie Amp would be nice as well as a BC Rich deal or Gibson could step forward with a Nikki Sixx Thunderbird....that'd be cool!
Other - Has a massive record collection. Basically, if you've heard of it, he's probably got it. Also a collector of cool toys, concert posters, punk-rock zines and monster stuff.
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