As the frontman and guitarist for Atlanta's Death of Kings, Matt had the energy and charisma and the very solid chops that we needed to fill in the void on stage left. He joined up just before the European tour and rocked with us for 5 weeks in Europe after learning our entire set in two weeks... He's now been with us for about 3 years (2 Japanese Tours and all Three European tours!)

Position in band - Lead Guitars

Hometown - Atlanta, GA
Age - 28 (Yeah, he's the kid in the band!)
Tattoos - Several large tats
Work - Pours the perfect pint.
Bar Tab credit line - HIGH
Musical Talents - Guitar for a long time.
Gear - Gibson/Epiphone Guitars, Marshall and Boogie Amplification
Endorsements - None...Hey Gibson or Marshall/Boogie, how 'bout it?
Other - When he's not on the stage with The Despised you can find him as the guitarist/vocalist/front-man for Atlanta's own Death of Kings!
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