Well, most of this stuff is old, but I'm starting to get reviews in for the newer stuff. There are some I can't find yet that I have seen, but don't have copies of at the moment: Such as a great review in AMP magazine and other Stomp & Stammer review.... Patience grasshopper.....

RAZORCAKE: Issue #43
One Punch: 7”
Hotlanta’s own Despised recorded a three-song souvenir of their last tour in the Land of the Rising Sun as well as including three new tracks on the flip of fiery hardcore bliss for even the most discriminating, looking-down-the-nose fuck. Judging from the gatefold on this single, it looks as though the Japanese have really seemed to take a shine to these guys, now only if they could only get a States/ West Coast tour happening (what the fuck, Shayne?). I’ve done nothing but give these Georgians major thumbs up since I’ve caught their first few singles some ten years ago, and I’ll continue to do nothing BUT. This isn’t that pull-up-your-goddamned-sagging-pants, nü-metal, craptacular OzFest “hardcore.” And it sure as shit ain’t that mesh-trucker-cap-pulled-to-the-side-of-your-head-with-an-H2O-hoodie-on-in-90-degree-heat “hardcore,” either. No, FUCK alla that. This is “get in, or get the fuck out” hardcore. The real deal. This is The Despised. –Designated Dale (VIP)

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL: Issue 296 - (Jan 2008) There are actually THREE reviews in here of us....
THE DESPISED - "Give Me Back My 10%" CD
The DESPISED are from Atlanta, Georgia; this CD is a retrospective of their previously released records, Music to Drivey, Give Me Back My 10%, and Scourge of the South. The band has a sound that combines street punk and speed metal on some of the songs, and driving hard-core like POISON IDEA on others. The songs are fast and heavy, and just make you want to circle pit and punch people in the face. Hating hippies and feeling distanced from the rest of soceity seems to be what these boys from Georgia are all about and if you have a problem with it than you're just a hippy bastard anyway. Most notable about this CD though is the live stage banter placed in between tracks. (PL)
(VIP, PO Box 5824, Atlanta, GA 31107,

Holy crap! THE DESPISED, well-respected hardcore punk veterans from Atlanta, Georgia have a scraming new EP for you! THE DESPISED saga reaches way back to the mid-'90s when the Atlanta scene exploded with excellend skinhead and punk bands! It only takes a couple of pitchers of beer shard by some battle-scarred skin-heads and the conversation turns to the ANTI-HEROES, ADOLPH AND THE PISS ARTISTS, TERMINUS CITY, Frank and 45 Revolutions Record Shop, and all the skins, punks, their friends, and their families. On side one of the One Punch EP, THE DESPISED offers three pile-driving metallic KO studio cuts: "Holy Man," "Meth-Head to the Madness" and "One Punch." Every song is a keeper! The DESPISED has been down in the thrash trenches so fucking long they are starting to resemble the topography! THE DESPISED kicks butt! Side two of this EP was recorded live on tour--June 8th, 2007 at Huck Finn, Nagoya, Japan. The sound is not as crisp as the studio material (surprised?). The people who were at the show would keep this treasure close to their hearts! For a thorough discography of these ten years of work by these hardcore warriors, purchase the brand new DESPISED Give Me 10% CD. This 1006-to-present compilation covers several different EPs and much more. Buy THE DESPISED One Punch EP for the excellent studio side and the handsome glossy gatefold packaging littered with photos! Buy THE DESPISED EP as a sign of respect for these grizzled survivors! (BR)
(VIP, PO Box 5824, Atlanta, GA 31107,

THE DESPISED - "Punk...It's Not For Rich Kids Anymore"CD
Burly hardcore band from Atlanta who have been around forever. One part POISON IDEA and the rest SUBMACHINE. It's your classic crazed older dudes playing straight ahead thick-neck 'core. It's just fine for what it is but I'm missing the hooks, man. (TB)
(VIP, PO Box 5824, Atlanta, GA 31107,

And hey, we even made Bruce Roehrs Top 10 list for "One Punch"!

StOMP and StaMMER: v13 No. 4 February 2008
Breakneck, no-mercy hardcore punk lives on in the form of The Despised. The Atlanta-based tattoholics' latest outburst is One Punch, a six-song 7" EP on red/black splatter vinyl. Divided into a studio side and live side, the three new songs on the former (including the title track) sound like a pack of wildbeests, rats and rednecks being frantically and fiercely torn limb-from-limb by chainsaws, meat-grinders and ice-pics. The trio of live cuts, recorded on the band's tour of Japan last summer, are even louder, uglier and meaner. If that sounds like beautiful music to you, then check 'em at the TreeHouse in Norcross Feb. 2 (with Neon Christ) and/or the Star Bar Feb 23. What, no Eddie's Attic gigs?

HIGH HEELS SLUT:#10 (Belgium)
DESPISED: Punk It's Not For Rich Kids Anymore (Visual Impact-cd)
A very last minute purchase and almost no space left, so here we go: Atlanta, GA most pissed off bastards knock you down again with 14 ripping old school hardcore blasts the way it was meant to be. Straight ahead, killer riffing, smashing drums and energy, lots of energy. Great cd, super gigs, cool guys. Get it! ( (Feb 2007)
The Despised, from Atlanta, formed way back in the mid-90’s and released a few 7″s before calling it a day in 2000, but they regrouped in 2005 and this is their first full-length release: “Punk, It’s Not For Rich Kid$ Anymore!” Expect 14 tracks of generally short, fast, aggressive punk rock that’s heavier and more hardcore-oriented than you’d likely expect. It’s sometimes humorous, sometimes socio-political, always bitter ‘n’ pissed. While they don’t particularly sound like any of their individual influences, you’ll hear bits and pieces of Poison Idea, The Exploited, and that kind of thing going on - but, as evidenced by their unexpected cover of “Just Can’t Hate Enough” by Sheer Terror, there’s definitely a wider range of influences at work. To my ears, the gruff vocal delivery and fast-paced lyrical arrangements bear the most in common with straight up, pissed off punk; while the driving power chord rhythms have a heavy, hardcore sort of attack built around more of a punk rock sense of energy - accented by plenty of noisy lead breaks and hints at overt metal riffing on rare occasion. And the recording’s thick as fuck, with an absolutely mammoth fuzzed out bass tone, so despite some borderline unbalanced ruggedness from time to time there’s a pretty damn solid punch happening there as well. Not too shabby! -

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL: Issue 285 - (Feb 2007)
THE DESPISED - "Punk, It's Not for Rich Kids Anymore" CD
This Atlanta, Georgia band has a very mudddled, metallic sound with a gruff vocalist who immediately brings to mind Paul Bearer of SHEER TERROR. Sure enough, their sixth track on the CD is a cover of "Just Can't Hate Enough." Besides wandering into the occasional double-bass part, this isn't half bad. (CC)

RAZORCAKE: Can't remember what issue, but damn, this is my favorite review yet! Who let the Emo-kid review our shit? And more importantly how did this go to "Dave Disorder" when it was addressed to "Designated Dale?!" Oh well!
Punk, It’s Not for Rich Kids Anymore: CD
Man, the old press sheet says Punk, It’s Not for Rich Kids Anymore is a concept album that the band has been working on for six years! That’s dedication, folks. And if that concept is sucking, they’ve hit the mark. It’s that oh-so-creative punk that’s played at a breakneck pace with never a breakdown in sight—unless it’s for one of those tuneless guitar solo wank-a-ramas—coupled with those awesome vocals that go “Blah blah blah, b b b-blah” in every single, god-forsaken track. I was hoping Killroy would eventually show his face and rub out all the Mr. Robotos, but, much to my dismay, I don’t see him or Dennis De Young. Domo arigato, Despised, for the suck opera. The only thing I can say is that the rich kids can keep this one. –Dave Disorder (VIP Productions)

Yes, it's all old press....I'll add anything new that comes in...

FLIPSIDE: issue #118 May/June 1999:
"I had a super-fucking cool surprise shoved inside my mailbox waiting for me the other afternoon when I arrived home from work - a care (or "we really don't fucking care") package from Atlanta, Georgia's own, The Despised. I instantly recognized the name and logo from spinning and checking out their newest 7 incher, "Scourge of the South," a couple of issues ago that caught me off guard as really, really pissed-off sounding and as ripping as I listened. To quote that kick-ass Humpers number, that "Scourge..." 5-songer is simply "fast, fucked, and furious." Hard-cored, balls-out blasts that do the job for creeps who want the real deal when it boils down to ordering up a healthy portion of I'm-so-pissed-I'm-seeing-RED-and-now-I-wanna-dive-feet-first-into-the-audience type of assault for their ears. Chances are, if you reside down in the greater Atlanta area, you've been able to go see The Despised swing their rockin' wrecking ball live or get your mangy hooves on some of their stuff. If not, check out their contact address as they have a coupla singles floating 'round as well as a full-length in the works. Fans of the hell-on-wheels outfit, The Fuckers, will most likely get into what The Despised have going on - full throttle, no brakes, broken bones and bleeding fun that'll have the neighbors calling the police in no time flat if you ever have 'em over playing in your backyard, or better yet, that very same neighbor's backyard.... a party's a party, right? It would probably be fairly safe to assume that a cassette copy of The Despised was blaring on the stereo deck of a certain Ryder truck on the way to a certain location in Oklahoma a few years back. (Hey, Shayne - still life drawing or dramitzation of that picture sleeve? yukyukyuk...) It's gratifying to hear bands like this that still make the loud and angry type of punk that quite a few bands try to pull off at times, but fail miserably or just don't make the fucking grade..." - Designated Dale
What can I say...This guy rocks!!!! Cheers Dale!

Yet another from somewhere in Holland:
the despised from atlanta brings you 5 hardcore songs that brings you back to poison idea time. the vocals are nasty and tough . believe me if i say " they kill you if you do not listen,, blow up the courthouse is my fave. (and they do it ) probation is up next. two pigz down (is a nice song for the pigs) and johnny and the streets are killer songs too. the only thing thats sucks is why 5 songs and not a full lenght. I WANT MORE you can order it by kangaroo records , etc.....

Kontrol! - UK
The Despised - Scourge of the South EP (Kanaroo Records -
"After all that 'cover' shit - this is more like it!! 5 tracks of Hardcore Punk squeezed onto a seven incher!! Blow Up the court house!! Probation!! Two Pigs down!! Fuckin' lovely! US Anarcho (on a Dutch label) playing in the form of Chaos UK meets Conflict - maybe not completely original soundwise, but never more so in composition. This is a must have for lovers of Hardcore StreetPunk with shout/shout vocals!! 86%"

FLIPSIDE: issue #116 Jan/Feb 1999 - The funny thing about this review is that it is NOT about US!!! It's a review for The Despised, NJ..... I think it's about time they changed their name... HA! HA!
DESPISED N.J., THE - "1999"
"When my evil peepers caught a glance of this CD cover amongst the CD heap down at the Flipside office, I first thought that this was the same Despised from Atlanta, GA whose 7" I went apeshit over. Nope. Completely different band whose residence is the same as The Wretched Ones and the Mad Daddys - New Jersey! And speaking of NJ, these guys remind me of another classic band from that area - The Misfits, especially on cuts like "Nonconformist" complete with back-up vocal chorus chants. If I had my balls in vice and had to describe The Despised N.J., I would probably go with an oi-flavored Misfits, 'cause I know the oi crowd out back east are down with these guys. I still swear by The Despised from Atlanta though, even if this N.J. version gets the job done. - Designated Dale"

And watch out for the next issue of Flipside! There will be even MORE words from Designated Dale on The (real) Despised!

"Kick ass !! Five all-out blazing tunes of pissed off hardcore from this Atlanta band. Total old skool over the top trash with desperate vocals."

"The Despised - Drinking and Driving 7" Aaaaaaaaaw yeah. A band that knows how to use two guitars and a double kick without sounding like Megadeath! Imagine a more high octane version of American Pie style Anti Heros with even more raw pissed off vocals. Nice reactionary lyrics too, you can tell that these guys have been around the traps a bit. This is streetwise, tattooed up, hard drinking raaaaaawk 'n' roll that is right up my alley. This 7" isn't for wusses or pc nazis...where has this band been all my life?!?!?!?!"

Another Fine Mess - Belgium
"the first 7'' by these mad and angry caps from georgia. not really the most challenging place to live, georgia. assuming from built up hatred , rage frustration and discomfort that sprouts from despised or even hellstomper : one's getting pretty fed and downright pissed living in georgia !. anyhow , i would prefer keeping things the way they are as long as it gives us great fucking music to treat ourselves with. cause indeed , it's again kick ass tumoil all over . 4 tunes 4 times thunder and lightening , 4 fully packed , armed -to-the-teeth bound to explode tracks: the despised won't take no prisoners. it's a walk over ; either you step outside or you're dead meat . there gonna give you and society (which they feel rather uneasy with) the boot. those guys are pissed and mad ; mad at the hippies who governing the u.s., mad about politicians,mad at society and mad at the nazis and mad at whoever broke the toilet at their favourite bar. if you want to join in on their race to tear down the walls of the whitehouse fortress; jump on the wagon and let the music of the despised lead you to armageddon"

Teenage Warning - Belgium
"not to be confused with the new jersey band of the same name , this is atlanta's despised follow-up single to their dubut 7'' on g.m.m. and more rude, brutal-as-fuck hardcore with a gruff streetpunk feel bringing together battalion of saints , the wretched ones and sick of it all on one record. i'm sure they turn every venue they're hitting into a fucking house of chaos, pissed off , fucked up and dirty as hell"

S.D.Z. - France - (if anyone out there wants to send me an ENGLISH translation of this, we'd be very appreciative. I can understand most of it, but a full translation would be great!!)
"ceci estle 2eme 7'' de ces garnements d'atlanta qui s'auto-definissent comme le groupe le plus deteste sur terre et sur internet . peut-etre qu'ils sont caracteriels , je ne sais pas , je ne les ai pas rencontres . en tout cas , ce qui ne fait aucun doute , c'est que les 5 titres de ce 45 t dechirent !! c'est tout simplement le parfait mix entre punk , hardcore et garage rawk 'n roll , rapide a souhait , le tout soutenu par une excellente voix qui sent la biere et qui , il est vrai , se rapproche assez de poison idea mais aussi de sheer terror en moins.... gros boef !! EFFICACITE GARANTIE . LL."

Suburban Voice Magazine -Boston, MA - January 1999
"Fightin mad and forging ahead with an expression of antisocial rage. poison ideas in their trigger-finger (and it makes a dandy pun about one influence) as these guys come up with a hardcore "cop killer", of their own called "two pigs down", then plan to blow up the courthouse where the trial is held. destroying what they hate , or at least getting those harsh throughts out through this headslamming barrage."

And my favorite "review" to date!
This is a little blurb about this site on the MTV locals page:

Are you pissed off? Really pissed off? Then you'll probably want to visit some friends at the Despised Homepage, for THE DESPISED is a hardcore band that has made a career out of being pissed off. Their website not only offers a distinct view of the lovely music they make, but also an insight into the corrupted minds that make the band truly despised.

"The band voted '...most likely to incite a riot' would like to invite you in for a Hardcore experience." So begins your journey into the very twisted soul of THE DESPISED. However, this twisted soul is not above bragging. Their site has won various awards, most notably recognition as "Best Punk Site" by PUNX NOT DEAD! The site has both a frames version and a no-frames version, depending on your preference, and welcomes you with the slogan: "Step Up to the Front. We'll rip your face off." How pleasant!

After scrolling down through the bold assertion that they're "the most hated band on the internet" (gee, I thought HANSON was), you'll finally arrive at the band members' names. And, oh, what names they are: Rot-Knee - Vocals, Mike Piss - Guitar, Punk Rock Dave - Bass, Insane Shayne - Drums. Want to know how they got together? Check the bio page. These guys are proud Atlanta residents ("the city voted #1 in violent and non-violent crime five years running according to the FBI - a tradition we are proud to be a part of") as well as all around gentlemen ("We're guaranteed to send all the sensitive, pop-punk-mommas-boys running from the room.")

As to the actual layout of the site, it's really punk rock. Yes, I also hate to use "punk rock" as an adjective, but this site deserves it. It's severely ugly: yellow, white and red text, lots of exclamation points, horrendous backgrounds. It's the kind of site that blinds you from staring too long at the computer. However, it offers a lot of very useful information. Their press clippings are kept in meticulous order, while their links page provides great punk resources. And, of course, it's not truly a band site without a merchandise page. This is where you'll find shirts, vinyl, and something called "shipping and handling." You can even preview some of the tracks on the latest album.

Judging solely from this website, THE DESPISED have picked their name well. As I write these words, I am becoming gradually sick from looking at the site's hideous color schemes. But don't let that scare you away. The site is worth checking out. It is proof that underneath their sick and twisted exterior, THE DESPISED just want to be loved.

-- Mike Farah MTV College Stringer (November 11, 1998)

Now this is brilliant! Obviously this fine fellow is a master a web design with a flair for color matching that none of us straight guys quite have a handle on. I've got to say though, it's perhaps the first time I've read somewhere that I have a corrupted mind. Finally! And I just wanted to feel pretty........

heartattack: issue #20 November 1998
The Despised - "Scourge Of The South" 7"
5 extremely fast and tough punk barnburners with an ugly, violent streak in the lyrics. Yeah this band hauls ass and rocks out way hard with old school harcore velocity, but songs praising the Oklahoma courthouse bombing and rebelling against America with guns and violence (as well as shouting out a warning to "back stabbing bitches" in the liner notes) make this something I couldn't make myself listen to twice. These Atlanta, GA guys just don't get the point. Another reinforcement to the stupidity of the American South, which at this point may never die out. DM
(Kangaroo Records/Middenweg 13/1098 Amsterdam/Netherlands)

Editor's note (ie: my take on this...)
It's funny the comment about US not getting the point. I really must ask if this guy really read the lyrics. Or, did he read a bit too much into them? Yes there is a song on the record called "Blow up the Courthouse" but in case you didn't see the news, that big building in Oklahoma that was blown up by a complete fuck-up was a federal building and not a courthouse and there are no words coming from us glorifying that. I'm not going to explain the lyrics because if you're not intelligent enough to figure out what they mean, you should probably listen to Hanson. Rebelling against America? Nowhere in any of the lyrics does it say that. We, like all of you, rebel against what society deems "normal" in any way we can and unfortunately due to the crime rate in most major cities a large portion of the population is forced to carry some sort of weapon (knife or gun whatever) to defend ourselves. Read the lyrics to "The Streets". That's life in the big city kids. And well, that little slam on "the American South" just shows that the stupidity is not just isolated to the South. It seems the people in the American South have the intelligence to work beyond the stereotypes placed on them and generally don't think themselves better than another group because their political or social views aren't quite the same as someone elses. At least those of us in this band don't. But hey, I never got a college degree to make me feel intelligent so I guess I'm just a moron. Just in case anyone wondered, no one in The Despised was actually born in "the American South", we just live here. If I may, I'm going to change the last sentence around just a bit though which I think will sum up this review which I feel is....Another reinforcement to the stupidity of American Society, who, lacking the common sense and intelligence to understand the true meaning of what
this nation is all about, will cause it to die out.

Plastic Bomb Zine -Germany: (note, these were sent to me already translated by someone without a full grasp of the English language....)
'despised from atlanta , georgie. the band was absolut unkown. till henk kangaroo from amsterdam told me he gonna bring out a 7'' by a band called THE DESPISED . a light went off because it must be something. THE DESPISED are one of the greatest and hardest us bands from the hardcore scene !! they go on were poison idea stopped superheavy punk as fuck !!. i wanna hear more of this band. also the first 7'' is a great release. the more i hear them the more i want . thumbs up. thanks henk for the first 7'''

U.P.S. Zine -Holland:

'this is like french fries. you know henk taste so there's nothing new here or suprising , but yet everytime again it tastes so good . out cold has quitted but henk already found THE DESPISED to follow them on his label. so you know what to expect. 5 times yummie !!'

A zine called ''Another fine mess" from Belgium:
"again a fultime hitter, an upcut combination their beloved pal , mike tyson wouldn't do any better. this 5 song 7'' by a mean , fucked up squadron from georgia is their second attempt to declare war on everybody. it however their first hit on europe and it may not suprise the loyal habitues of kangaroo stuff this splaater of unleashed hatred is brought to you by the a'dam boy. if the south should rise again i surely it'll be on a soundtrack where bands like the despised take the lead. kangaroo calls these fine gentlemen of scuzz'n scourge destructorock the most hated band on earth. i'm sure they come close , but they'll have to face up first to their fellow statesmen hellstomper. anyway to me these guys have proven by this fine gathering of exploding , pissed off , solid punk as fuck to apply for endorsement of the confederacy of scum . just try to imagne how a mixture of limecell , the wretched ones and the battalion of saints sound like , you'll eventually end up taken THE DESPISED for granted (if not they'll come close to set things straight personally)"

FLIPSIDE: issue #115 December 1998
"Scourge of the South" 7"
Pissed off, WAY pissed off, cop smashin', law bashin' shreds of hard as nails punk with songs like "Two Pigs Down (The Whole Force to Go!)" and "Blow Up the Courthouse." All the "hardcore" bands sittin' around out there should do themselves a favor and give The Despised a listen. This is how it's done. The kind of pissed off energy professional boxers should listen to before they step into the ring. The yank-you-by-the-ears vocals that make you wanna spray Chloroseptic down your throat from just listening afterwards. Do I like it? If I want to hear a full-length from these guys, you bet yer ass I like it. Bring it on, Despised! Let's hear some more-more-more! -Designated Dale

MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL: issue #186 November 1998
The Despised - "Scourge of the South" EP
"Damn! These guys, based in Atlanta, sound pretty pissed off. There's five songs of fast and thrashy, yet catchy, punk with thick guitars and gruff vocals, that brings to mind the power of LIMECELL or COCKNOOSE. For those still in doubt, they've got a song called "Two Pigs Down" and another called "Blow Up the Courthouse". Recommended. (RM)
(Kangaroo, Meddenweg 13, 1098 AA, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS)"

fAZE 3: issue #17 (show review of SCUMFEST 98 in Raleigh, NC)
"Thursday night's headliners, Despised from Atlanta, brought the house down, blasting out hardcore brilliance in a manner reminiscent of Poison Idea. With their whipsmack sarcasm interaction in between songs they lightened up a crowd which were pummeled in a sledgehammer musical H/C attack."

AK-47 Zine Review (Athens, Greece)
THE DESPICED "scourge of the south" 7''ep/ Remember old school Oi punk? You believe it's dead? WRONG!!!! This US band prooves exactly the oposite!!! This is their newest release on KANGAROO RECS, and believe me it gonna blow you out!!! FUCKIN' GREAT THAT IS!!! After this one I can surely say: Oi is alive and kickin'!!! (KANGAROO RECORDS/MIDDENWEG 13/1098 AA/AMSTERDAM/NETHERLANDS)

A review in some magazine in Holland - "Core" I think... And you guessed it, it's in Dutch....

The Despised "Scourge of the south" 7" (Kangaroo)

Dit is godverdomme een portie ultra aggresieve punk waar menig frisgewassen machocore mannetje van in zijn broek zal schijten! Vijf nummers lang worden haat en afkeer uitgekotst door 'n band die net zo makkelijk speelt in een obscuur zaaltje als dat ze een zaal in de fik zal zetten. Dit is een band die speelt alsof ze ieder moment van nijd kan exploderen, en hun nummers vóór dat moment nog één keer wil spelen. (80 punten)

and the least this is what they tell me it says!

This is one god damn portion of ultra aggressive punk that'll make many freshwashed (?) machocore kiddies shit their pants! In five songs, hate and ??? (some other word for hate/repulsiveness?) are being vomited out by a band that'll just as easily play in a dirty basement club as it'll set fire to that club. This is one band that plays like they're gonna explode of fury, and wanna play their songs just one more time before that happens (80 points out of 100)

Guillotine: issue #16

"The Despised/Music To Driveby (GMM Records) - Really old school hardcore punk thrash with some amazingly raw vocals. The tunes can get your adrenalin moving with the driving rhythm and underlying melodic content. Refreshing, doesn't follow the formula of hardcore by the numbers. --wje"

Creative Loafing: 2/7/98

Saturday 7

"The Despised -- Badness! Beelzebub! Great balls of fire!" Club 513--Nicoll

99Express: December 1997 - News of the Wired section

"Atlanta hardcore outfit The Despised have added a familiar face on guitar recently. Local punk icon Dick Delicious is now strumming the six-string on the band's happy-go-lucky tunes." - Local scene section by David Peisner

Creative Loafing: 12/6/97

Saturday 6

"Nashville Pussy, The Despised - Nashville Pussy had the incredible gall to put a picture of a Hell's Angels chapter president on one of their single sleeves (with their charming band name printed across it) and then play a show right in front of the guy. Tonight they're playing with Hell's devils - Atlanta's own Despised. Since scene legend Dick Delicious is now a member of the latter, it's a damn shame the group isn't playing under his name for this gig. Considering who they're playing with, it woulda looked great on the posters!" The Point--Nicoll

Creative Loafing: 11/28/97

"After cutting his teeth on a couple of recent Man or Astro-Man? videos, filmmaker J.B. Hockersmith has left Fury 13 Films to go solo; he's currently in preproduction on a video for local hardcore punkers the Despised." --Nicoll

Creative Loafing: 9/27/97

"The Despised, Man's Ruin -- Now that the disco/techo wimps have cleard outta the basement of the Ponce Hotel, a new crew is gonna crank up some volume down there. If the all-grrrl punk action of Man's Ruin doesn't bring down the walls first, hardcore hellions the Despised have promised to fire up a sound so devilish it'll set all the remaining tables ablaze." The Vox (formerly MJQ) --Nicoll

Creative Loafing: 10/8/97

"Shayne Huff of hardcore hellions the Despised tells us the band's new guitarist is none other than local punk legend Dick Delicious. The Despised's Dick-heavy sound generated complaints from tenants in the hotel over Vox (formerley MJQ) during their recent show there. 'Apparently several file cabinets in the office above were vibrated across the room,' reports Huff, who goes on to say that someone in charge told them emphatically, 'This is not the club for you,' and, 'You'll never play here again.'" --Nicoll

Under the Volcano: #39

"The Despised "Music to Drive By" (POB 5494 Atlanta, GA 30307) Sick Of It All-inspired vocals. Tatoos, tough guys, and tons of alcohol. OK, but I think Myk may like it and hey, tough guys, lose the guitar solo shit. (7") - Spag

Note from The Despised..........We did!

Creative Loafing: 9/6/97

"Devilsh, blistering hot hardcore punk, with a frontman whose vocal cords are rated NC-17." (Masquerade, Sept. 7)--Nicoll

Maximum RocknRoll: No. 169 June 1997

"Some items from last month that could use an additional mention are the GMM Label releases by THE LAGER LADS and THE DESPISED. THE DESPISED have a great ep called "Music To Driveby" this shit rocks like a motherfucker! Check out the song "I Hate Society" ..great!"

(Bruce Roehrs column)

Punx Not Dead: 3/15/97

"Despised, Music To Driveby...7"

Despised, P.O.B. 5494, Atlanta, GA 30307

Wow what a great 7"! these guys play some very angry and pissed off punk rock! I can understand how they were voted, "Most Likely to Incite A Riot." God, I'd start a riot listening to this shit! They get me going like hardly any other bands can. This is extreme aggression...this is insane!"

Maximum RocknRoll: No. 168 May 1997

DESPISED - "Music to Driveby" EP

Also noted in this issue of Maximum RocknRoll:

We made two of the editors Top 10 lists!! (Namely Bruce Roehrs and Rema Young)

Creative Loafing: 7/26/97

"Hardcore punkers the Despised will play a Sunday matinee show at the Point on July 27. Their terrific little 7-inch is apparently sold out, but there's a rumor that their label, GMM, is planning to issue a second pressing on red vinyl - which is what the band had originally requested."

Creative Loafing: 3/31/97

"The Despised have a searing new EP out from G.M.M. (Gimmee My Money, "The World's Shittiest Record Label"). It's a black vinyl 7-inch called Music to Driveby and it comes loaded with four blasts of their hardhardhardcore sound, including "Society (I Hate)" and "Four Bullets". Marvel Comics veteran Rod Whigham rendered the disc's dramatic cover art, which depicts authority figures splattered on a speeding sports car. The Despised perform at Dottie's on March 27." --Gregory Nicoll

Creative Loafing:

"The Despised--Hardcore punk played very hard, very fast, very loud and very mean. This is the bring-your-earplugs show of the week. (Dotties, March 27)--Nicoll"

Creative Loafing:

"The Despised--Relentless punk. Our former Happenings editor says these guys rule, and he oughta know, because he even thought Shane McGowan was on the lackluster side, got bored with him and took off for thrashier parts.

(Midtown, Dec. 23)"

Voted in Atlanta's Poets, Artists, & Madmen January '96 "Best of 1995" issue as tied for runner up for the best show of 1995.

Also voted in same issue as band "most likely to incite a riot".

Thanks to everyone who has to this point supported The Despised!

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