He's short, he's bald and he's really fuckin' loud! This guy has several blown speakers to his credit and some of them at sound check! He's a founding member of The Despised and has been belting out the tunes and harrassing anyone who dares to taunt him. You know him, you love him...he's the man driving this train-wreck!

(And if you don't know him, you live in the suburbs and should probably get out more.)

Position in band - Vocalist/Frontman/Comedian - THE FACE of The Despised

Hometown - Atlanta, GA
Age - 40
Tattoos - Several....large ones
Work - Yeah right... Master of Karaoke and comedy shows around town.
Bar Tab credit line - HIGH
Musical Talents - None...unless yelling on key counts!
Gear - Whatever is in front of him, he'll yell into it!
Endorsements - None. As he's never on the wagon long, Guiness, Bass and PBR should step forward! Oh, and Jager....can't forget that stuff....
Other - Father of our next lead singer ZION who, at 11 years old has already fronted The Despised several times and has plans of taking over the band if his pro-skating career doesn't take off...which so far he's kicking ass at his skate competitions!. (The other band members have no real problem with this...)
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