Basically this would be the band member that nobody knows! Hidden behind a drumset and far from the spotlight, Shayne is the brutal force that drives this band (often literally...) bashing the life out of the drums. This "Swiss-Army-Drummer" keeps a roll of tape, a bottle opener, lighter and first aid kit to bail out the other slack and often anebriated band members in their times of need. Did a five-year stint in Atlanta's Bloody Sods to terrorize Europe twice. A founding member of The Despised who has somehow kept the band going for far too long...but has no real plans of throwing in the towel! Self-professed "Monkey Trainer" and is considered "The Deaf leading the Dumb...."

Position in band - Drums

Hometown - Atlanta, GA
Age - 38
Tattoos - A couple pretty large tats for now...
Work - Lighting Designer and Technical Director
Bar Tab credit line - NONE: He's the sober one!
Musical Talents - Drums for about 30 damn years now.... piano for three decades and learning guitar for the past 20+ years...
Gear - DW Drums, Trick pedals and a badass Trick Snare drum, Sabian & Paiste Cymbals, Vater Sticks (Gibson Guitars and Boogie Amps....gotta be loud to write the music!)
Endorsements - None, but how 'bout a Five Hour Energy endorsement?! Oh, well, yeah, he'd take an endorsement for any of the gear...
Other - Writes a large portion of the music for The Despised and does whatever promotion and booking for the band. Created this shitty web-site so if you have complaints, complain to someone other than him!
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Click any picture for a full-size image. All pictures shot by Kris Hale with the exception of the last one which was shot by Rick Newby. One of these days we'll get some new pics up....


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